Thursday, December 9, 2010

Happy Holidays

I'd just like to wish for a happy holiday season and one of peace and health.  I've been away from the computer a lot and it sits there glaring accusingly at me.  I've been making some beads, and am loving the new annealer, and generally taking it quiet for a while.  I'm using bifocals now, and am not sure I like the way they focus.  My left eye doesn't seem to align as well as I would like and I'm seeing double when I'm trying to read.  This is not helping at lampwork.  My glasses come with a guarantee, so I'll go back and have a talk to the optometrist.

I've decorated the tree, with pretty much the same stuff as last year.  I have to work on a new ornament or two.  Last year I made a whole bunch of hard candy ornaments out of glass, and some holly leaves and berries on copper wire, but they are rather small and don't show up well.  I was thinking of a few gingerbread men out of polymer clay.  Maybe a sugar cookie or two as well.  Oh, and I forgot to hang the candy canes.  The cat is chewing on a branch.  I can hear the little bells I hung up so I know she's busted.  Hopefully she won't try to climb the tree (again.)  She likes to hang on a branch like a fat, fuzzy ornament.  It's adorable but does trash the tree.  I have to remember to unplug the tree tonight so she doesn't electrocute herself while I'm at work tomorrow.

Time to get cracking on some baking any day now.  I've got some kind of a bug so today isn't a good day to start, but soon.  People love to make fun of fruitcake but it does go a long way.

These are a few of my seasonal beads.  I'm still wondering why the snowman's scarf cracked a bit but I won't be doing much with these, other than wearing them as pins at work.

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