Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cuteness Attacks!

 I've been in a strange mood as spring has come in with a bang, making all sorts of beads that can only be described as cute.  The above frog is a prime example.  I've always liked frogs, but just decided I had to make one.
 Ladybugs are another big kick.  I can't stop making them, or watermelon slices...I actually adore the expression of the ladybug above.  It's kind of an uh, oh face.

 Pairs have been popping up a lot too, and in the case of bunnies where there's two there will be more coming.  And tiny, little ladybugs...
There.  Now maybe it will be out of my system for a while.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Another Random Thought

While reading and writing (quite a bit) in the discussions on Etsy, it occurred to me that I'm really quite superstitious.  Not in the never walk under a ladder way, because that's just common sense, but in the deeply ingrained, part of my soul kind of way.

I believe in fairies.  Laugh...get it all out...

There are sales fairies that visit you from time to time.  Usually you welcome them with arms wide open and thank them.  Sometimes you are a little afraid....If you've been there you know what I mean.

There are kiln fairies.  Sometimes I'll go to bed wishing I never lit the torch and wake up amazed at what got left in the kiln.  Did I make this?  Other times I've literally accused Joe of sneaking in and making a bead or two while I was asleep and sticking it in there because how else could I have possibly made such rubbish.  He denies it but there's never more than 2 and they aren't anything I was making.  Sometimes it's not even with colors I was working with.

There are other taboos.  Never give away the smaller clothes.  Never throw out the earring you lost the mate to.  The other one may find its way back.  Never, ever, throw or give away the last baby things.  Never laugh at others' superstitions.


Do I have a picture?  I posted it last time, but this time think of fairy circles.

A Random Thought

I'm happy to say I haven't been sitting away whiling away the hours.  I've been at it from waking to passing out.  The result is that I haven't had much to say, but I thought I'd share a random thought or two.  Is fire alive?

According to my biology class, life is defined as having some things in common
1.  It consumes energy - well, duh!
2.  It reproduces - ask Mrs. O'Leary's cow about that.
3.  It moves - it depends.  Is there a draft around?
4.  It excretes waste - sure!  CO2 and a bunch of other stuff
5.  It dies - yes, it does, especially if you're camping on a wet night

There were a couple more things but from the look of it, yes fire lives!

Not really.  Take away the energy and it goes away.  So does everything.  Don't eat for a month or two and see what happens to you.  Reproduction is something that implies something can't exist unless it is created.  Take a big pile of carbon and hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, iron and phosphorous as well as a few other elements I can't remember and you'll never grow a human being.  Leave a pile of oily rags lying around and you might get fire.  Movement is more than a reaction.  Plants grow toward the sun and fire doesn't seem to care what is going on around it.  If I'm stupid enough to stick my hand in the torch flame again it will burn it the same as it did before.  It won't go out looking for me though.  There are byproducts of many chemical reactions and that doesn't mean they live.  As far as dying goes, in order to die something has to be alive.  No, fire isn't really alive but sometimes it's perverse enough to make me believe it is.

What has this to do with beads, lampworking or anything?  Not much.  Here are some pictures of things I made that are alive.

Good night and God bless.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

My First Week

 My first week of unemployment has been a busy one.  I've concentrated on my lampworking and have made a bit of progress on that front.  I've started making watermelon slice beads again as they have been popular in the past and are proving to be so again as everyone looks to warmer weather.
I'm expanding a bit into non-lampwork jewery.  It's a saturated market but it's nice to be able to offer a range of prices rather than all labor-intensive lampwork.  It's also nice to have something I can work on late at night when the noise of the torch and dremel tool would keep the neighbors awake.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Time on my Hands

Having just lost my day job I find myself with a lot of time on my hands.  I'll say right off the bat that I feel horrible but I'm determined not to let that paralyze me.  I'm devoting more time in the "studio" and building my lampwork connections.  I feel creative and am very happy with the beads I've been creating.

The above is a little gift to myself.  I made a working hourglass and wired it into a pendant.  It's more of a secondglass and it's lopsided, but as a first effort I'm loving it.  My sister came up with the idea and it's a good one.  If I could come up with a way to get the glass as thin as it needs to be and symmetrical I could offer these on Etsy.  As it is, I'm going to wear it with pride and thanks to Ruth.

I've got 24 hours in a day just like everyone else.  I choose to use them doing what will make me happy.  I will not waste them in negative emotions.