Monday, July 25, 2011

Effetre Dark Pumpkin Revised

A while back I tested out Effetre dark pumpkin and swore I would never, ever use the color again.  I lied.  Halloween fast approacheth and I find myself making pumpkins, and the light pumpkin, while still pumpkin colored, doesn't have the oomph for what I wanted.  So I put on the safety glasses and removed anything remotely flamable from my work area, preheated a new rod in the annealer and held my breath.  Keeping in mind the explosiveness I had experienced in the past, I gennnntly heated the rods and to my amazement, after the end popped off it settled down and was workable.  I did get what I think might have been a bubble in the rod that blew the end off once, but no more raining chunks of hot glass.  Yay!  I might be able to use this color if I remember it needs to be annealed first.  I also took the precaution of running a long soak and a slow cool with the finished beads just in case.  The above pendant is made with dark pumpkin with CiM split pea and Slytherin vine cane.  The set below is the same combination of glasses.  I was very happy with the way both came out.  Will I use dark pumpkin again?  Yes, with extreme caution and not when I'm wearing anything I'm attached to.


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