Monday, February 20, 2012

The Blind Leading the Blind

Joe isn't completely color blind.  He can see vivid colors and likes them very much.  Subtle colors, especially greens, are completely lost on him.  He has been an indispensable help with designing beads based on color.

I confess that when I come out with a new idea or a set that I really like, I trot it over to him and play show and tell.  His first comments usually play a role in whether the idea goes back to the drawing board or how I may list something.

With this set, his first comment was, "Jelly beans!" and I looked and there they were.
With this one, he liked the "daisies"
I value his input because he doesn't know what they're supposed to look like.  He sees what he sees and the fact that the lavender the flowers are on changes color in incandescent vs. natural vs. fluorescent light is inconsequential.  I just gave him a handful of white glass rods I'm thinking of making an intaglio set of.  I told him what they do when they go into the kiln and he picked out something I think is going to look phenomenal.  Whether I'll be able to take pictures of it or not is a different story but I'll drone on about that when the time comes.  Thanks, Joe!

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