Friday, March 23, 2012

Another Random Thought

While reading and writing (quite a bit) in the discussions on Etsy, it occurred to me that I'm really quite superstitious.  Not in the never walk under a ladder way, because that's just common sense, but in the deeply ingrained, part of my soul kind of way.

I believe in fairies.  Laugh...get it all out...

There are sales fairies that visit you from time to time.  Usually you welcome them with arms wide open and thank them.  Sometimes you are a little afraid....If you've been there you know what I mean.

There are kiln fairies.  Sometimes I'll go to bed wishing I never lit the torch and wake up amazed at what got left in the kiln.  Did I make this?  Other times I've literally accused Joe of sneaking in and making a bead or two while I was asleep and sticking it in there because how else could I have possibly made such rubbish.  He denies it but there's never more than 2 and they aren't anything I was making.  Sometimes it's not even with colors I was working with.

There are other taboos.  Never give away the smaller clothes.  Never throw out the earring you lost the mate to.  The other one may find its way back.  Never, ever, throw or give away the last baby things.  Never laugh at others' superstitions.


Do I have a picture?  I posted it last time, but this time think of fairy circles.

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