Monday, May 28, 2012

Quest for Wit and Wisdom 2012

 I'm still perfecting my setup and have a long way to go.  Decent displays are on the to do list and next year I want to have divided trays or boxes for the sets instead of the baggies.  I told everyone to feel free to take beads out of the bags to look closer but some folks seemed reluctant to.  I think boxes or open trays would encourage a more hands-on shopping experience.
 Considering the budget I was thrilled to be able to find a free rack I could use to display earrings (don't ask what it was intended for because I have no idea.)  The bargain bins are very popular and I always do well with them.  They're all sets that aren't the same size or color test beads or oops beads.  I sold quite a few pieces of jewelry and some sets - again, I think I would have done better with a more user-friendly display.

Also, for next year - a real, white tablecloth instead of the fabric that was the first I grabbed.

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