Saturday, June 16, 2012

Canyon de Chelly Revisited

The comment from my last post got me wondering if CiM's Canyon de Chelly strikes differently in different torch chemistry.  I usually combine it with Double Helix Psyche because I love how they work together so I usually strike it and reduce the Psyche all in one go.  What would happen if I wasn't using Psyche?  I don't like turning the gas very high unless I'm reducing something, so I would ordinarily strike CDC by letting it air cool under the table until the glow was gone, then reheating it gently just past the tip of the visible flame.

The beads above are a base of CDC with CiM Hades on top and silvered ivory on the bottom.  The top beads were struck by turning the flame way up and reducing them in the cool part near the base of the flame, and the bottom by leaving the flame at its usual low level and holding the beads just above the visible tip.

I think I got better color out of the bottom ones, made without reduction.  There are hints of pink and lavender I like the look of.  Surprisingly, the top beads struck differently.  Or there is a slight reaction to Hades.The bead on the left shows hints of purple right next to the Hades.  CDC isn't a very translucent color so I don't think it is showing through the glass, such as I'd get with Vetrofond Seashell Swirl, for instance.  Just another odd quirk.


  1. LOL You're a horrible influence on me! Yes, I ordered a bunch of Psyche and Triton, and with this new post I can see I'll be trying this evening with my CDC, as well as with some SIS and Hades. Hopefully I can get the reactions you do.

    Btw, if I may ask, where in Jersey are you now? I'm over in Westchester County, NY.

  2. I hope you have fun! Psyche and Triton are both wonderful to have in your stash and you'll find all sorts of fun things to do with them. As far as the Triton goes, superheat it over ivory until you see it webbing like crazy, then let it cool as above and reduce it. It's fantastic for scrolls and spirals done this way. Psyche isn't bad either for that.

    Can you order SIS? I make my own but would love to not have to make it every time I want to use it.

    I'm in Phillipsburg, along the Delaware River. I live in a fairly quiet residential section with the sound of the neighbors mowing their lawns broken only by the shriek of the rescue squad 3 blocks away and ambulances streaking past the house at all hours. At least if I ever need an ambulance I won't have to wait for it.


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