Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mostly Beads

 Fall is in full swing and I've been making lots of beads with fall colors, which for me means using a lot of silver glass and the colors that fume with them.  These were a base of Vetrofond biscotti with DH Psyche.
I've also been gearing up for the holidays with lots of red and green and I can't stop making heart beads.

I liked the way the Reichenbach iris orange reacted with the Vetrofond mauvelous in these.  More of a dusty rose and more mauve than self beads.
 More Vetro biscotti, this time with layered dots of triton and silvered ivory.
These just turned out too cool.  Stringer of DH Psyche and biscotti on Effetre Marmorin.  I love the way the psyche and biscotti together made a kind of wine and cream combo.

 These were just too cool.  Base of Effetre dark ivory with CiM Canyon de Chelly and Psyche stringer, a little silvered ivory thrown in too.
 Did I mention Christmas is coming?
 I've been making quite a few hollow beads too.  I'm looking for the perfect bead caps to turn these into ornament baubles.
 For Christmas ornaments you need red and green, right?
I just love the colors on these.  The purple is CiM simply berry and the amber is Effetre med topaz.  The iridescent bead is DH Clio.  The glass struck the same amber as the orange rounds.  How cool is that?

I'll be honest, right now I'm going through a bit of a tough time and torch work is therapeutic so I have more to make than I have to say.  Hopefully things will improve and I'll be less of a hermit and come out of my virtual cave soon.


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