Sunday, October 9, 2011

CiM Opal Greens

Creation is Messy just released a few opal greens and I couldn't resist giving them a try.  These beads aren't my usual run of testing each one against a variety of other glasses but I hope they show me what they are nonetheless.  All the opal greens have a similar blue-green hue.  Had to try them together.
 The base of this tabular bead is Effetre petroleum green and I layered CiM Rainforest, CiM Jade Palace and CiM Seafoam.  I really like it and may do something else along these lines soon.  I wanted to see how translucent these glasses remained and stacked them on black.  They all stayed pretty opal and I was thrilled to see the color was still perceptible.
 The base glass is CiM Tuxedo and I layered dots of Seafoam, Jade Palace and Rainforest, melted everything in and shaped.  I was pleased that the Seafoam stayed visible over the black and even more pleased that the black is still visible under 3 layers of opal glass, some cooked for quite a while.  Now on to see what they do on copper green.
 I loved the combination of copper green and Rainforest, so what about the other 2?  Hard to see the copper green under all that glass but it does the same cool separation thing it did with rainforest.  What I hadn't realized was that under the Seafoam, the copper green looks like it could be white.  On its own, all the blue-green in the copper green seems to have collected in a border on the edge.  It's easier to see on the edge of the bead.
 It's the bit not near the hole where it's grey but just on the edge of the pale green (which is Seafoam.)  I wanted to see if Seafoam did anything neat with Cranberry, which it doesn't unless you count just plain looking nice together.
The above bead was such a pleasant combination that I was determined to try out some rose cane one one of the opals and I picked Jade Palace.
 The roses are horrible and the Rainforest leaf is nearly imperceptible, but the combination bears further testing.  When I was holding the Seafoam, its similarity to Effetre nile green opalino was striking.  There the similarity ends.  As far as melting, piece of cake.  No shockiness, no burning nothing funny.
Comparing side by side beads that have been annealed, they are not at all alike.  The Seafoam stays translucent and is bluer and greyer.  The top bead is Nile green opalino and is effectively opaque.  I dug this small mystery bead out of my fun for the kiddies jar and while I have no idea what I made it with past copper leaf (maybe peacock green?)  the color match is pretty amazing.

Some really cool colors I look forward to playing with some more.

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