Saturday, December 10, 2011

And Here There Be Dragons.....

Have you ever seen a copy of an old map, before the oceans were explored?  They had the most beautiful drawings (or not) of the imaginary monsters that inhabited the realms no one had come back from.

With this in mind I have been making entirely different things.
My blue twisting dragon is now a book thong.

And I made a little black one.  This one even has eyebrows.

He has slightly larger wings.

Not quite large enough wings though.  In this shot you can see where most of the glass is.

Right, a vertical pendant he is, paired with some silver lined twistie beads that came out a bit too dark to use for what I wanted.


  1. Even though they weren't quite what you had in mind when you started, they're both adorable.

  2. Thank you! I like cute rather than fierce myself. I'm actually going to try working with the balance rather than against it.


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