Monday, December 26, 2011

Post Holiday Post

 What with Christmas and all I haven't posted in a while but I'm happy to say I've been productive.  I've made a few vessels lately and am thrilled with the way this one turned out.  Joe suggested an amphora with a classical theme and this fits the bill nicely.  I wanted a Greek key pattern but, frankly, wasn't turned on by the idea of the stringer work.  I think this one has the same sort of feel without the aggravation.  I think the shape turned out well.
 Spring and Easter are coming so these are the first of many eggs I'll be making.  I made them with sky blue opalino and am happy with the opal quality of the glass that...almost...shows up in the pictures.
 Anyone mention Valentine's Day?  I had to make a special glass order for the red.  I did order some, but what arrived was closer to a brown.  I do know that some colors are notoriously hard to get consistently but let's say I really had my fingers crossed for my emergency order.  Thankfully it came in a deep red wine color.  Whew!
 These are just pretty.  I used a base of Vetrofond classic marble, which is rumored to have a (very) subtle pink hue, an older, lighter dark red, and CiM desert pink, which I am completely enamored with.

These sliders were made with subtler shades of pink.  They are, from the left, Vetrofond moon rock odd, CiM plum (discontinued, rats), Effetre lover boy, a wild batch of Vetrofond strawberry sweet and Effetre spring willow.

From a shop standpoint I've been wrestling with the idea of charging for shipping again and have finally reached the decision that I have to do it.  The upside is that I'll be able to offer a wider selection with smaller sets or even single beads.


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