Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Ornaments

As the yule approaches I thought to blow a few glass ornaments with my dinky little hothead.  My results were very lame.  Since I have neither pride nor shame I'll share.

The first one I did was the tiny one on the upper left.  Great shape, an almost perfect sphere.  Just really dinky.  A little bigger than a quarter.  Then I did the ugly one on the lower left.  The shape was ok, at least roundish, but the red and green twistie decoration looks terrible.  The blue one on the right is a bit bigger but the shape is funky to say the least.  I like what the low heat of the hot head did to the CiM Cirrus, though.  Not quite what they had in mind by milk glass I'm sure.  Sort of a low level devit.  Trust me, this was as molten as it was going to get when I worked it....

Well, happy holidays.  Maybe by next year I'll get it.

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