Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Beads and Bull

 The blue bead in these pictures is a core of clear with CiM lapis, then bordello around one end and silvered ivory around the other, with squiggles of psyche and a twistie of copper green, terra2, and aura.  I have so much trouble striking the terra2 I don't know why I keep using it.
Hope springs eternal and while I don't get the real color this glass is capable of, I am getting some strike and a neat mother of pearl effect rom all the reduction.

I think the base glass is a large influence upon what I wind up with because the ivory bead is  the same stringer and technique but a lot more drama.

Speaking of drama, a few weeks ago I asked what is most inspiring and I got a couple answers, and they amounted to being around other creative people.  I can say for a fact what kills creativity, at least for me, and that is negativity.  I'm trying to keep upbeat and see the good in every bad and having a rough time of it.  Hopefully I'll get some sleep tonight and wake up in the morning and see things in a different light.


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