Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bus Trip

 On this one, the bead turned out exactly as it should have, if not how I imagined it.  I wrapped a core of Effetre light pumpkin with copper leaf, added a few odd twisties that I had lying around the workbench, probably involving silver glass, swirled them up, encased the whole thing in clear and swirled that, then melted and reshaped the whole thing.  It would have looked cooler if the texture I started out with had been preserved, but I seem incapable of heating just one spot without blowing the shape of the whole bead.
What I really like is the way the silver glass fumed into the clear.  That I wasn't expecting.  I should have remembered how much lighter the corals get under encasement, but oh well, the pumpkin is doing what it should do and I don't mind the school bus yellow.  Kinda cheerful.

As far as the personal stuff that's been keeping me up at night, I'm feeling a bit better and will continue to pick a household chore at random to ignore.

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