Sunday, June 19, 2011

I Got My Etsy Back

I little while ago I was moaning about losing my Etsy widget from my blog, which I must have removed in a fit of madness when I was making beads again but not listing anything.  That empty spot did seem to mock me.  I started listing again, but lo and behold, I couldn't figure out how to find it again.  I searched high and low on Blogger and on Etsy, but nada.

There it was, on Etsy the whole time.  I clicked on my account, and under promote was the Etsy mini widget.  No more roaming through widgets that for me were meaningless.  Gone were the (for me) too challenging bits of HTML and words like source code.  Five minutes and no pain.  Now if I do something insane and lose it again I'm set.

To recognize this momentous occasion, here's a picture of a vessel I played with a lot before I got it down, a blown glass mini flask that holds almost a tablespoon.  When the sunlight hits it, the CiM sangre is the most gorgeous, transparent red!

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