Monday, June 6, 2011

It's a Long Story

Pull up a chair and I'll tell you a story.  Once upon a time there was only one phone company and you had to pay 10 cents a minute to call across town.  It worked very well and many people were employed by this megagiant of the communications industry.  You also watched TV by accessing an antenna on the roof or by a goofy looking device called "rabbit ears" on top of the television set.  Then computers came.  At first, you had to pay the aforesaid 10 cents a minute to use the internet, and this tended to cut down on using computers for much after the first bill arrived.  Then the government said the telephone company was too big and had to be split up, and at about the same time cable television became available to many people who had never had it before.  Now computers took off.  In competition for your business, all calls within the country cost the same and it was possible to get faster and faster service on the internet.  We were all hooked.  Which leads me to today.

After my computer woke up with a migraine and switched off internet, phone and television to keep the noise down, I had to unplug everything then plug it back in one by one to reset whatever it was that was causing it agita.  I then rushed off to the post office to mail a package because I couldn't figure out how to fix the printer for the mailing label that would have made my life so much easier and in the process, locked myself out of the house again.  I locked myself on the balcony earlier in the week and had to shout to the neighbor to call Joe at work to come let me in.  This time I had my cell phone (a diabolical invention in its infancy when our story begins) but due to the decline in craftsmanship brought about by the need to produce equipment faster and cheaper, Joe's cell phone switches itself off randomly and I wasn't getting through.  I eventually got in and the long (mostly) and the short (not so much) is that I don't have any new bead pictures today.

Hopefully my story is amusing.  Here's a picture I didn't post on my blog yet, but it is in my Etsy shop.

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