Friday, June 3, 2011


 I made a few vessels for the event I went to last weekend, and sold them without taking pictures, so they're gone.  I feel a sense of loss, since they are off to their new homes now and I don't have anything to remember them by.  Horribly sentimental, I know, but that's me.  I just listed these on Etsy, and I do have pictures, so it's all good here.  The above bead is really close to my heart because it turned out nothing at all like I thought it was going to, and I love it more because of that.  Its shape is what really freaks me out.  Here's me thinking I mucked it up royally, and I now look at it and think, "Brilliant!  How could I have known?"
 I will always call this one (just to myself) my three-handled-moss-covered-family-gradunza.  It was meant to have 2 handles but they just weren't doing it.
This one should have been shorter and thicker than it turned out, but I think it really works with the color and deoration and I'm not complaining.

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