Thursday, June 9, 2011

Warning: Excessive Photo Content

This is why I hate taking pictures.  I take about a million pictures of something I have made and they all turn out to be not quite what I see. 

This is a nice vessel.  It's hollow.  It's a pretty color.  I like to think that it is saying what I want it to say.  But these pictures don't convey the size and weight of it, nor the volume of what it holds, nor the way the light really hits it.

 This picture is ok.  It shows at least how big it is, and a little of the way the light looks when it goes through it.
 This shows the color and all, but I'm not exactly thrilled.
 We're not getting better.  Quit while I'm ahead.
This is a cool necklace.  I had a lot of fun making it and am really happy with the way the beads turned out.  So can I take a decent picture of it?  Not a chance, but not for want of trying.  Thirteen pictures were worth fooling around with, and none of them show what it looks like in my hand.

This one's pretty, at least.

Got some nice sparkle from the light on this.  I made that clasp myself.

Here's that close up.  Note the natural sunlight.

Yep, it's a pile of beads.

 What was I going for here?  Don't know.  It's a good picture, but of what?
Not doing it for me, sorry.  Good picture--everything in focus, pretty good detail, It's got nice color and composition, but it's not happening.

This does show what it would look like on the wearer, if the wearer is made of black velveteen.

There you go.  If in doubt, bring in the frog.  It may not show the necklace to its best advantage and I'm sure there's lots wrong with it as a composition or whatever else, but I like my frog, and he's making me happy.

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