Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Beads at Last!

I've been working like mad in my "studio" and have felt like I'm just treading water, so it is with great pleasure that I am sharing the newest beads I've listed on my Etsy site.I've been gravitating toward simpler color combinations and red and black is one that has always attracted me.  I love the intensity of this red, Effetre dark red.  With white or ivory it washes out to a fire engine red and with black it deepens to a bit of a burgundy, almost like it's picking up some of the color it's with but it's nice and saturated at the same time.  For a look at the listing click here

With this set of leaves, I was going for simplicity and complexity at the same time.  At the most basic, they're just black and white.  What makes them interesting to me is  the contrast of milky and metallic and shaped leaves and plain spacers.  To see more views please check out my listing

I love the sparkle on these.  I based the beads on blue aventurine filigrana and for the focal put on an opposing wrap of goldstone and encased the whole thing in another layer of clear.  It reminds me of stardust.  This is the listing for these beads

Finally, I've been thinking of this one for a bit.  It's a warm bottle brown wrapped in handblown silvered ivory shards.  A simple, warm brown for fall.  Here's the listing for this vessel

Please check out my new additions and the other lampwork in my shop.  I've decided to continue my 20% off sale with free domestic shipping through the summer because we all like a bargain.

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