Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Week in Review

Joe and I just returned from camping with the SCA at their big yearly event, Pennsic.  This year we finally got a proper entrance to our camp.

Joe relaxing outside our home for the week.

I went for the shopping and it shows.  Most of the pictures I wound up taking were of the market.  The variety of goods was amazing and I was able to make a purchase or two.

I was able to get a little beading in.  This is a friend holding up the Viking necklace I made for her.  Please forgive the informal presentation.  I didn't want to pack the whole photographic kit.  She'll wear this between two oval brooches on each shoulder.

It wasn't all work and lounging around at the camp.  This is the dress I wore to our annual party.  My hair turned out wild that day, didn't it?
This little cutie wound up living outside our tent.  I have the zoom way up.  He didn't like sudden movements nearby.

While we were away the world kept turning and had a good extra spin or two thrown in.  In addition to the Bead Soup Blog Party I'm participating in
Bead Soup Blog Party
Joe's mom wound up in the hospital severely ill.  She's going to be ok now and may be able to progress to rehab/physical therapy in a few days.  I'm also getting my spare room ready for my daughter because she may be joining us in the next few weeks.  Time to have fun playing closet Tetris.

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