Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's New?

These are the beads I sent my bead soup partner, Hilary Frye.  Sadly, and embarassingly,  the rust colored leaves wound up being unstable.  The rest arrived in good shape and I can't wait to see what she does.
 I listed this little brown jug on Etsy a day or two ago and heard it was (very briefly) on the front page.  I didn't even get to see it, it was gone that fast. 
 I love working with Effetre mosaic green even though it's both gloppy and sparky and hates being marvered.  The color is just too cool.  Grass green pastel is a (sort of) close approximation but the shade is a little different.  Here's the listing for my black and green set.
 I made this tiny, wee, little acorn earring pair just for fun.  I used Cim Maple, and boy, is it a pain to photograph.  I think it's a little less amber and a little more green, but any changes in my picture I tried just made the color less like the original.
 I was running low on gas (now I'm out) so I decided to keep it small for this set.  The middle beads on the bottom are encased but the rest aren't.
I have a lot more new, but not a lot of space to go on about it.  With no gas for the torch, I'm concentrating on other tasks I've let slide.  I have some polymer clay beads to do the bench work on and turn into earrings, a pair of bog shoes to make for Joe, some sewing I did at Pennsic to reinforce and, oh yeah, I should get on some of the routine things I've been neglecting.


  1. Thank you so much! Considering your beautiful work, I'm really flattered. Am I pink?


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