Monday, May 31, 2010

color diet challenge

I have accepted Mind Melt's color diet challenge, at least until I get tired of it, and have selected the colors I will be using for my palette. I don't have the same colors of glass she does, and am not going to buy more, so substitution is in order, but I'll keep to the same spirit as much as I can. I only have the big 3 plus Double Helix in my stash so I'll only be using those. OK, I've already lied. I do have one rod of Reichenbach Magic but haven't been able to get it hot enough without reducing it to produce anything other than olive green.

1. Effetre coral Martian strata
2. Effetre oliva nera
3. CiM ghee since my supply of yellow opalino is limited and I always get grey reduction in it anyway.
4. CiM slytherin unique (the dark one--let's see what that does)
5. CiM poison apple (if this doesn't work out I'll do Effetre Nile green)
6. Effetre ink blue
7. Vetrofond pearl grey odd
8. CiM poi


  1. Awesome, can't wait to see the beads!

    I don't really get underway with all of the new colours until next weekend because I just finished a little testing this weekend, so you're not even behind :)

  2. Oh, yes I am. This is really going to be a challenge for me, since I am really not used to making beads from such a wide palette. I use a lot of colors per session, but in one bead I use 2-3. Somehow I don't think the point of this for me is going to be making half a dozen beads with 2 colors each. I'm looking forward to the challenge of combining colors I never would have thought of using together, like ink blue and slytherin. I have a feeling that using the extras is going to help me tie things together.

  3. Well, the magic is that you have to do it for at least eight sessions.

    I do this, and just introduce new colours as I run out of other ones. I have found that it has helped my beadmaking immensely to really get to know the colours and what they do with each other and to force myself to make do with what I've allotted myself to use.


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