Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Raspberry Flip

Every once in a while I'll make something that turns out exactly how I wanted it to. Then I despair of ever being able to do it again. These beads were the perfect example of this. I made a rectangular tabular bead with CiM cranberry and CiM desert pink with a swirl of sis and liked it so much, I had to make a bracelet of it. The result is my raspberry flip bracelet just listed on Zibbet. To take a look at my shop, click http://www.zibbet.com/FireinIce/artwork?artworkId=78030 Then I had to do my perfect bead again and again. The same size.

The depth of the flat sides was easy because I just had to adjust the space on my press and I've found that the length doesn't change much, so all I had to figure out was how much glass to put on the mandrel to make the width I wanted. Once this was accomplished, it was just a matter of doing it again.

Now there is the matter of photography. I am a minimalist when it comes to equipment (I have a camera) so I decided to take advantage of the fading natural sunlight to photograph the transparent red glass to it's best effect. Apparently the light was fading a little faster than I thought, because the last picture had to be taken with the lamp and table arrangement. There is a lot of similarity in the first picture, which was taken when the light was still good, and the third. My setup can't be too bad, for this color at least.
I love this bracelet. I listed it on Zibbet because I've reached the conclusion that I realistically can't keep everything I make, but this was not a decision I made easily.

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