Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sea and Sky

A friend recently suggested that I stop messing around and make something that could actually be worn. Following this suggestion, I decided to make a set of beads that reminded me of the seashore. These were made with CiM butter pecan and pulsar as a base. The focal uses another blue to represent the sea and the three larger beads use silvered ivory stringer. I was actually very happy with how these turned out since it's been quite a while since I tried making beads to represent something rather than just playing around with different colors.

The focal was the biggest hurdle, of course. I knew that I wanted to do something with butter pecan and copper foil, and decided to use an unlabeled light blue transparent from my stash to make a sort of undersea blue. Unfortunately blues don't photograph very accurately, so the picture below is the one that represents that part of the focal the best.
I really liked the way the focal combines with the side beads, which are simply butter pecan, pulsar, and sis. The spacers were almost an afterthought because I needed beads to balance the set.
These were just listed on Etsy and I hope they do well, but this is another set that I wouldn't be disappointed at if I got to keep.

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