Friday, May 21, 2010

Zibbet listings

I'm so proud of myself.  After celebrating being able to go back on the torch I decided to post some of my beads on Zibbet, a new site that allows much more freedom than Etsy.  And it's free!  What follows are pictures of my work that is either on the new site or will be soon.

Idiot that I am, I forgot to give the link to my shop when I posted this.  Well, here it is

  My computer frustrations continue so I am currently transferring pictures from my camera to Joe's computer, attempting to process them with his wild and wacky monitor (he's partially colorblind so has his monitor set to amp up the color to what to him is a normal level,) uploading the pictures from there onto Picasa, and then copying them onto my computer to finetune and post.

To the left is a favorite bead using my two favorite glasses, Effetre copper red green and metallic black wound on a 3/16" mandrel.  I love the way the copper red green works, never the same thing twice and always gorgeous.  I wish the metallic black showed up on the picture.

This one is another 3/16" hole bead using Effetre Sedona and silvered ivory stringer.  I love the way the silvered ivory reacts with the Sedona to give even more desert color and wish I could reproduce this, but the reaction is usually ugly and ugly is what I've got every time I've tried.  I also wish the Sedona didn't devitrify as much as it did, but every desert has sand, right?

When I first made the next bead, I hated it.  I didn't like the way the flowers turned out and thought the color combination was weird.  Now I like it very much indeed.  To date, it is actually one of the more successful florals I have done and I love silvered ivory in just about any application.

Above is a bead I'm calling Oasis and it's made with CiM Canyon de Chelly with silver foil melted in and blue aventurine frit, with a DH Triton shard or two thrown in for good measure.  I still haven't got the amazing reaction Jason Powers did, but I am happy with this bead anyway.

The bead on the left is called Mars and is a pandora sized bead made of Vetro black with silvered Spanish leather stringer.  I love the way the Spanish leather reacts with silver.

The bead on the right is made of copper red green and CiM glacier with purple rose cane decoration.  This one turned out so nicely considering I had a pile of rods on my worktop and pulled stuff pretty much at random.  Usually I have some sort of plan for what I want to accomplish but that day I decided to let it go and was very happy with the result.

My folkart bracelet was one of the first projects I did and I wear one similar to it frequently and receive numerous compliments on it (by people who don't know I made it), but it's not moving on Etsy.  Definitely a case of handmade sticker-shock.

This last one is darker than my usual stuff, made of Effetre dark matter with a webbing of CiM gunmetal.  The gunmetal effect almost shows on this photo.

I'll be listing more stuff on this site but my attention span and tolerance for frustration only permit listing a few pieces at a time.

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