Sunday, May 30, 2010

new big hole beads

Lately, I've been on a big holed bead kick, and it seems like every time I fire up the torch, I have to make at least one. Above are probably my favorites of the lot, made with a base of Vetrofond seashell swirl and a homemade frit blend containing, I think, Effetre 256, EDP, 213, grass green and CiM oz. I should have written it down. I love the way it looks like flowers and leaves. I don't normally care for pink, but I do like this combination.
These beads are a base of CiM pulsar with a twistie of many shades of blue and green, both transparent and opaque. I love this twistie and will make more when this one runs out, since it can be used on so many bases. Here it has a sort of Caribbean waters flavor.

I played with silvered ivory a lot and finally got a good ratio of metal to glass so that the silver lent its character without overwhelming the ivory. I wound this on a premade silver core, which is so easy it's scary. They are a bit expensive, so unless the beads I made using this method sell I won't be doing too many of them. The hole is 4mm inside diameter and they will fit on a Pandora type bracelet but it has to be taken apart to put them on.
I've been making beads like mad getting ready for Heritage Days in Westernville, NY next weekend and won't be posting much until after the event. This is my first show of any sort and I am rather nervous about having enough stock, the right type of stuff, etc. Now I have to get the display stuff ready.


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