Saturday, April 30, 2011

CiM Rainforest

 Creation is Messy came out with 4 new colors and I got 3 of them.  I tried out Atlantis last week and this week's Rainforest, a dark teal opal.  The rods reminded me of CiM Mermaid and Effetre grass green opalino.  I imagine it is also similar to petroleum green, but don't have any.
 It isn't hard to see why it reminded me of Mermaid.  I thought it would be basically an opal version of that, but a look at the rods, specifically the rod ends, shows that they are both teal but that's all they have in common.
 Effetre grass green opalino seemed closer, but the rainforest retains more of its translucency when annealed.  Note how the opalino on the rainforest shows up much clearer than the rainforest on the opalino.
 The plain spacer is so small it didn't really lighten up any, and this is a dark color.  Wrapped in silver, reduced and encased, you can still see the mandrel under the light glare and my fingerprint.  I didn't get much reaction from the reduction and there is a reason for that.
 It's really hard to reduce things on this glass.  Both these beads are made with DH Triton.  Note how it only reduced on the edges.  I had a fresh tank of gas and had it turned up all the way to do these, and only reduced the edges of the Triton, and that only without encasement.  As soon as I put another glass on top, away the metallic bit went.
This one would be easier to describe if I hadn't put one of the beads on the mandrel backward.  From the space between the beads is CiM Tuxedo, copper green, EDP, opal yellow, ivory, and CiM Peace.  Black is barely visible on top of Rainforest and Rainforest is invisible on black.  I love what's happening with the copper green.  Must do a bead like this.  Nothing ugly with EDP, but not doing much either.  Opal yellow looks neat with it, but I don't care for what I can see with the ivory.  Peace looks pretty ethereal with it, and I wonder what would have happened if I did layers and encased it.

I want to try this out with copper green and peace (perhaps not in the same bead, but hmmm...) and I think this will be good to use on its own.  Like Atlantis it is a very rich, juicy color, but what I'm hoping for is this shade in an opaque....


  1. I just bought some of this last night~!

  2. Have fun playing with it. I love CiM glass. It's so well behaved.


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