Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring Willow Revisited

 Here are a few of the beads with Effetre Spring Willow.  The blush looks a lot better now than it did going into the annealer.  Kiln striking?  Don't know, but I like it.   I threw in a few spacers of Effetre Sedona to highlight the colors, and I do like the combination.  Both glasses are very variable and I think they work well together.
 My leaf....  Quite a bit of drooping going on in the annealer, and that bubble on the right side wasn't there going in.  Rats.  I'll just say it adds to the organic feel of the bead.
On the back in the protected, unstruck part beneath the mandrel, is the color the rods and beads start out.  Now it is easy to see why I thought this might act like Effetre copper green.  When I feel better I'm going to play with this some more.

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