Thursday, April 21, 2011


Pantone's color of 2011 is 18-2120, called (by them) honeysuckle.  To see a more accurate portrayal of this color, check out this link from Pantone's color and design page.

How would you get this in glass?  The only thought I have is to layer a dark pink like CiM cranberry over a light color, such as a very pale yellow.  Maybe it's best to use the honeysuckle in other elements of the jewelry design and stick to coordinating stuff for the glass.

Is there a type of honeysuckle that is this color?  The kind that grew wild where I grew up was white to start out with and yellowed out as the flowers aged.  Maybe the kind that is sold in nurseries or grows in a different part of the world is a different color.  Sort of like daisies.  I lived my entire life thinking that the only types of daisies were Shasta or Mantauk (I know I spelled that wrong), Gerbera or African.  All of them are compound flowers with large oval-ish petals surrounding a central hub.  Think of those white and yellow flowers from the old show "Please Don't Eat the Daisies."  Turns out there are English daisies that don't look anything like their American namesakes.  They are uniformly tufted with more slender, pointed petals that start out white at the base and turn dark pink at the ends.

So how do I plan to translate this color into glass?  I don't.  I plan to make what I like and let this trend slide past.  It is, after all only the color for one year.  Maybe next year they'll pick a shade of green.  I am almost certain to have it.


  1. Hey there! I've missed you! And I totally agree on the honeysuckle business. I know there are some cultivated ones that might be close to that color, but the ones vining through my bushes are certainly white-yellow. I must say that there are times I wonder who has the job of naming colors for paint stores!

  2. Hi! I've been missing everyone! I'm trying to work some of the things I enjoy back into life. All work and no play makes Jane a homicidal maniac!


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