Monday, April 18, 2011

It's a Day

I did work on the torch yesterday, but nothing was worth taking a picture of.  There are days like that.  So I'll muse instead.  Feel free to ignore my rambling on.

The new year is now over 3 months gone and how am I doing on my unofficial New Year's Resolution?  Not perfectly.  Have I benefited?  Somewhat.  Did making a resolution make a difference?  I don't know, since I didn't actually resolve anything specific.  Does making a resolution matter?  What purpose does resolving serve on New Year's Eve or any other day?

I resolved unofficially to do better in 2011.  Not anything specific, since I've had plenty of practice with weight loss and other resolutions.  I have done better.  I lost a ton of weight last year and even managed to lose 15 more pounds or so this year.  The past 2 weeks haven't been a good example but I've been hitting the gymn and am quite a bit fitter.  The house is reasonably dirty rather than extravagantly.  I've been minimizing TV time.  I have felt generally better. 

The fact that I didn't make an actual resolution makes it easier to keep.  If I had, say, resolved to lose 20 lbs. and vacuum twice a week and work out 5 times a week I would have failed, giving me the excuse to abandon the effort.  This way, I can say I've made progress and continue to try. 

New Year's resolutions are notoriously hard to keep, and are nonetheless important.  They reflect a desire to be a better person.

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