Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another Weird Reaction

This is one I did quite by accident.  I thought the rod I picked up was CiM Canyon de Chelly (even though it was clearly labeled CiM African Grey) and proceeded to make a twistie of it and Double Helix Psyche.  I went on to use it on a rectangular tabular bead  with matching plain spacers, only instead of the silvered ivory I usually use I tried Effetre intense black stringer.  For whatever the reason, Psyche just came alive!  In addition to the usual reduction rainbow I usually get, the Psyche fumed the African grey and also the Psyche seemed to have struck!  I've got all kinds of wild  color development.
 The bead looks even cooler than this in real life and I'll be using this myself.  To be honest, the spacers didn't turn out to match.  I think I'll use African Grey as a base color.  I can't wait to try it on my other silver colors to see what it does.  I'll also try it with some more intense black just in case, but I really think it's the base glass and not the decoration on this one.
 Unless it's something strange with my torch chemistry lately.  I've noticed some more reduction than I usually get and have been wondering if it's time for a new orifice.  I could be working lower or hotter than usual too.  The speed my poor old hothead achieves is not what I would call breathtaking.  I'm trying out different places in the flame to try to get the d4mn glass to melt and I don't know if this neat effect is a result.  Probably not, but more tests are in order for sure.


  1. Yup - African Grey and various of the other limited edition greys are really good as bases for silver glass. Someone did some comparisons - aha, Carol Oliver. If you scroll down on you can see them.

    It does interesting things with silver leaf as well - I have a pic there too :)

    (Sorry if this posts twice, having difficulty commenting).

  2. Not being a lampworker, all you posted is foreign language to me, but wow! That is one gorgeous bead!

  3. Thanks, guys! I'm pretty partial to it and will be doing more soon. The neutrals are so cool. I'm definitely checking out Carol Oliver's work.


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