Saturday, September 10, 2011

Now What?

I usually don't work for an extended period of time at a stretch due to fatigue issues, so kiln crowding has never been an issue before.  This said, I've been stretching my capacity and it's resulted in a couple odd oopses.  The beads below were the result of putting one bead right on top of another.
 Here's the overview.  The green ones were only mildly fused but I didn't catch them and they stayed pretty well intact.
 By the time the turquoise ones happened, I knew what that odd, tacky sensation meant.  I tried to pull them apart, hoping I could at least save one of them, but only made things worse.
 The way the bead release started pulling away, I gave it up as a bad job before I not only had a bead I couldn't use but a cake tester.
I've vowed not to put beads into the annealer before they are well and truly not glowing and hope this at least prevents part of the problem.  Why is it that a half cooked bead I put in will fuse itself permanently to another while an intended decoration I don't cook in long enough will pop off the minute the bead cools?

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