Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Looking at Your Listings as a Buyer Would

I have never had the oppurtunity to look at my Etsy page with a shopper until today, and what an eye-opener it was.  I now realize why it's so hard to sell my beads.  Below is my primary picture.  I felt this showed how pretty each bead was best.  She asked me what they were and how they were used.
 I then had her click the view below and immediately, she got it.  "oooh...I want a pair of earrings in these colors, showing me which ones on the picture.
I've tried very hard to photograph my beads as accurately and attractively as possible, but as a seller.  I'm thinking of how the colors and texture and clarity come out and she's thinking how do I use this?  I'm going to start changing a few things in the way I photograph and props.  She knows what she wants, I have to show her what I have in a way she'll find it.  It was an aha! moment in a dreadful day and the little light it lit was more precious than rubies. 

At my day job we don't have problems, we have oppurtunities.  Personally I think this is a bit of risible spin doctoring but in this case, I see my oppurtunity and I'm going to see where it takes me.
Here's a picture of the finished earrings.  I hope they are what she had in mind...

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