Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm on the Page!

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One of the things I love to do is try out new colors and techniques.  Creation is Messy has been wonderful enough to keep coming up with new colors to keep glass addicts like myself checking our mail boxes and I hope to be able to say something coherent soon about their newest colors.

For now I'd like to share that they've included some of my blog posts on their product pages.  This is so flattering and I can't believe they're so wonderful.  Here are some of the posts and the links to their website so you can see what other folks are doing with their amazing glass.  One point I'd like to make is that I do not prewarm my rods unless I know they're going to be trouble (the Effetre hand-pulleds spring to mind) and CiM colors seem to be super-annealed or something because they simply do not cause trouble.  Just saying.  Really fun to work with.

If you go to the CiM website and look up African Gray (which is sadly sold out) you'll see my beads here.

This was such a surprise.  I was expecting CiM Canyon de Chelly, which is a truly stupendous color but due to a slight error caused by myself not reading my own labels, I got African grey instead.  I so love what the DH Psyche did, but with no more glass available I'm not pushing it.

I got listed as a tester on this one, which I get a little kick out of because every time I sit down to torch it's a bit of a test.

I need to take better pictures.  Or something

OK, I'm stuck on watermelons, but Cranberry is really the only glass to use for them.

Hope you enjoy your stroll through glassy goodness.  I bet you have to check it all out.  I always do...


  1. Oh, those watermelon beads are gorgeous. Congrats on getting your beads on their pages. Now I'm hungry for watermelon. :)

  2. Thank you! I really love the way the color on these turns out.

  3. Love the watermelon beads. Makes me think of warm summer days and picnics.

  4. Congratulations Carol, isn't it fun to be on CIM's site and playing with messy! :) Love the watermelon beads.. Love them.... :)


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