Sunday, January 17, 2010

CiM poison apple, or why I should label my rods

After yesterday's debacle I thought I'd dig up the beads I had made and make a few more using CiM poison apple so I'd know what it would look like if I saw it again. The rods are now labled correctly and my face is very pink. I like the style of analysis on the Mind Melt blog so that is the one I'll use here. Future results may vary.

1. self spacer
2. with black, probably Effetre intense black, melted in
3. with black,ditto, surface, just cuz I like it
4. with triton feathered (see, I did make one and forgot) and encased in clear
5. with gold aventurine stringer, melted in
6. with silver foil, melted in
7. with silver foil, melted in, reduced, and encased in vetro crystal pale green
8. with SIS scrolls, melted in
9. with ivory, note how the ivory stringer separates and curdles and the green doesn't form a grey line
10. stringer flowers over CiM tuxedo, encased in crystal pale green, note how the opal color bleeds, lightens and turns more transparent when encased.
11. with Effetre pale pink swirl flowers, looking almost white but not having any nasty reactions.

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