Saturday, January 23, 2010

plum silver

One of the half-dozen or so favorite colors I have is Effetre plum silver dark. Some of it is still hand pulled. It's a lovely dark, rich purple. It does neat things. The beads aren't labeled but the plum is easy to pick out. They are the dark ones with the sheen, true in various degrees, but once I made my third bead it was easy to see how to get that pearlescent look. It doesn't really react with silver glass, note the unencased trailed bead on the mandrel, but silver glass reacts with it under encasement to produce blues and greens. The top bead on the mandrel is with triton and the cylindrical one below it is aion2, and I have to say, I like the way the aion2 reacted better. I got some more silver glass today so I'm sure further beads will be forthcoming. I trailed some copper green scrollike things on the bead below the cylinder on the mandrel, but I was running out of gas and the green didn't get a chance to melt in. That is another combo I'm going to have to try. The other colors on this bracelet are (I think) 274 dark violet and 271 plum silver light, which is darker than the dark violet so I'm not sure on the lighter color. It might be 272 violet. These colors were all obtained before I went crazy so the rods aren't labeled the way I'm obsessively labeling them now. I've noticed that the plum silver light doesn't do the pearlescent thing to the extent the dark does, but there is a neat interaction between it and the intense black stringer I was using.

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