Monday, January 18, 2010

Effetre 219 copper green

Another test beads post to show the tricks one of my favorite colors is able to do. This is Effetre copper green and I like it not for it's original color, which is one I almost never wear, but because it makes pretty beads and does neat things with other colors.

1. self bead, marvered a bit on an aluminum marver
2. self spacer, held high in the flame to try to get that brown edge you see on the rods.
3. rolled in silver foil and melted in
4. with DH triton, struck, reduced and encased in vetro crystal pale green
5. with SIS scrolls. The contrast on this one didn't come out too good so the dark streaks and curdling on the SIS aren't very good in the picture but they're there in the bead. Also, the predictable grey line where the ivory meets the green.
6. with ivory scrolls. Note the grey line.
7. with plum silver scrolls, held high in the flame to give the plum silver it's lustre. There is a slight reaction on the plum, it sort of went more reddish on the edges but it's hard to see with the glare from my lousy lighting.
8. on CiM tuxedo. Wow, look at the separation of the copper green. I love this one.
9. with copper green red scrolls, incompletely melted in so it looks blobby. I can't see where one stops and the other starts but the bead is more what i thought the copper green red would look like in the first place, not as a purplish color.

Here's a bracelet I made using only copper green and Effetre 023 mosaic green, another really great color. I love how the mosaic reacts on the copper to produce a light zone on the copper and the copper on the green to produce those little clear spots in the center of the dots on the spotted beads. I got a brown oxidation or devitrification type thing on one of the ones I mashed into a cube, but it doesn't bother me because it's an unusual color and it is going to do neat things.

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