Friday, January 15, 2010

internet problems

This is what happens when the internet goes down. The problem was with the telephone service box connected to the cable modem. It went down and took everything else with it. I did make some beads and play with the camera but I was not a happy camper. On the left is a comparison of CiM dirty martini with copper green. I like the copper green better but it is seriously more expensive than the dirty martini so I'll probably use the dirty martini more. I've also been having a lot of fun seeing what the silver glasses do with the silver-rich colors from Effetre. I've noticed that the DH colors do pretty much the same thing on most colors--the zucca chiaro being the exception. I have also noticed that to get the neat effects from Aion2 I have to encase it, which is resulting in a shortage of clear. Next time I get it it's a pound or nothing. The zucca chiaro and aion2 combo, encased with effetre super clear, was a total surprise. I wouldn't have thought purple on light orangey tan was a good thing but it is turning into one of my favorite beads since it did something I couldn't have predicted. Most of the encased beads and special effects stuff has big holes so I can mount them if I ever get those openers made.

This is what happens when you play around too much with the editing software. The picture on the left is the original. In the middle is the one with just white balance thrown in, which is all I'm finding usually needs to be done, and the one on the right is also equalized. Notice the surreal color effect. The colors involved are the Effetre beyond beauty and silver challenge assortments and a few CIM colors I had to have. I'm keeping glass orders to a minimum right now since if I want a kiln I'm going to have to save up for it.

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