Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dark matter and the universe

Dark matter is a good name for this new glass from Effetre. It doesn't do all that much sitting there on its own, but combine it with other stuff and you're going to get a reaction. The self spacer, 1 below, is a good example. The lower picture gives a better idea of how it actually looks, with the top picture more acurately reflecting the rod. It's when you start to play with it that you get a better idea of what it is. Bead 2 is reduced, with a neat sheen and purplish area that do not show up well in the photo. 3 is with silver foil melted in, and the greenish patina looks really interesting, especially if paired with other colors, sis, for instance, that I haven't had time to try yet. 4 is silver foil melted in and encased in clear, and I'll be honest, it looks better without the encasement. 5 is with DH psyche scrolls, struck and reduced. Not much happening but I wasn't expecting much. I'm still learning to get the most out of psyche and it seems tricky to work. Interesting green fuming effect on the dark matter, though. This is more evident in 6, which is struck, reduced and encased with clear. 7 is with alternating bands of triton and aion2, struck, reduced, and encased in clear. It's a pretty bead, but the main thing that strikes me is the difference between it and 8, which is dark matter with triton scrolls, struck and reduced and left on its own. 10 is dark matter with CiM gunmetal unique stringer. There is a gunmetal-like reaction on bead 5 that didn't show up on film, which can be seen as the greyer area underneath the psyche. It seems to be a function of the silver glass, since it didn't show up on the gunmetal bead, but my attempts to duplicate it without the silver glass and just by working it high in the flame were unsuccessful. As I said in the beginning, I like this glass more for what it does than what it looks like. The encased psyche in particular looks better than anywhere else.

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