Friday, April 30, 2010

CiM sangre

CiM sangre is a glass that has given me fits since I bought 2 rods of it soon after I started lampworking. I complained that Effetre 076 transparent red was difficult to strike and Molly Heynis at Heritage Glass recommended sangre as an alternative. In addition, it was supposed to be resistant to burning and going orange and doing all the ugly things other transparent reds tend to do. I still find it fairly tricky to strike and it has gone orange on me on more than one occasion. My photography setup, if one can call it that, has a lot to do with my dissatisfaction with the color in general, since it requires outdoor sun to do it justice and I simply don't have that in abundance. These were taken in the middle of the parking lot of my apartment building.

On the right are a handful of beads that I made with the color to put it through its paces. On the wire are plain, sangre encasing clear, sangre encased with clear, silver foil just melted in, which isn't pretty, silver foil reduced and encased with clear, which, frankly, I was expecting more out of, and my sangre/aurae test bead. Below it in the same picture are the "real" bead, made with a base of sangre, dots of aurae covered with clear, and a triton shard thrown in for good measure, and two beads I experimented with by wrapping a clear core with sangre and aurae twistie, encasing it in more clear and mashing them.
Here are two more views of my more serious bead, not helped at all by my camera, I'm afraid. Again, these are dots of aurae topped by bumps of clear, running together in the second side, and a wrap of a triton shard. I almost think I like the effect of the second side better, even though it wasn't what I was intending.

Now all I have to do is find a camera that is capable of making the beads look like they do in real life.

So how does sangre do with being a transparent red that strikes easily, doesn't burn out, and doesn't go orange? It doesn't burn out and it resists going orange. It strikes more easily than Effetre or Vetrofonds efforts in that regard. Transparency? Depends on the size of the bead and how it is worked. If the bead is anything above spacer sized and is going to be actually worked as opposed to wound off and cooled, don't count on it.

I plan on buying more CiM sangre when I run out, since by far, it is the easiest transparent red that I have found to work with.

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