Friday, July 16, 2010

Christmas in July Sale

I'm having a Christmas in July sale in my Etsy shop, Carol at Fire in Ice.  All beads and jewelry in the SALE section is 10-25% off!

My Raspberry Flip bracelet is on sale for $2 off!  This bracelet was mentioned on the Creation is Messy pages for  
and for desert pink.

 My Colonial Stoneware big hole bead is on sale for $1 off.  It will fit on pandora and other popular bracelets.
My Green Rose earrings are now only $7.  For lampworked glass on sterling silver hoops it doesn't get any prettier.
 My Pink Garden big hole beads are now only $5 each!  They were featured in
TrashCat's summer watermelon treasury.
These dainty little Strawberry Rose earrings are also only $7 each and would make a great "stocking stuffer."

These Red Psyche earrings earrings are 25% off!

My Sapphire hollow bead is also 25% off and seems to glow with a light of its own.

My Mystic Pools big hole bead is now $2 off at only $5. The iridescent spots remind me of inlaid paua shell.

This intricately detailed Rose Garden big hole bead is only $4.50 and is 25% off!

This earring pair made from Effetre's new Calico glass reminds me of semiprecious Jasper. Etching them would make this resemblance even stronger. They are almost 50% off at only $4!

These gorgeous, shimmering Peacock earrings are now only $10!

Go fun and funky with these retro Smiles earrings. At 1/3 off, don't worry be happy!

Enjoy a touch of wearable opulence with these Midas earrings. With 23.5 karat gold leaf and loads of silver glass they are an affordable luxury at 20% off!

Get ready for fall with this Harvest big hole bead. And you'll have $1 more for school supplies.

These Babylon earrings have a Near Eastern flair.  And it's affordable at $2 off!

The rich orange and gold of Autumn branches adorn this big hole bead.  $2 off makes fall sweet.

Thickly patterned silvered ivory and black glass beads hang from sterling silver hoops on these Ancient Fossil earrings.  Now you can save 20%!

Enjoy the colors of Sunset with this big hole bead at $2 off!

Finally, since summer's not done yet, enjoy a tropical break with this Caribbean Blue big hole bead.  Now only $5!
I hope you enjoy my Christmas in July sale and please stop by my shop to see all my lampwork!

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