Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Handcast Findings

 This was so not worth it.  I will not be offering these at any time soon.  Yeah, they're different, but too much work and not different enough from all 2 million other products out there for a fraction of the cost and labor.  It was a diversion but I'll not be repeating it.  I'll wait until I get casting silicone.
The original idea with the headpin was to have a wire incorporated into the casting during the pour, but I couldn't get the wire to stay in place and no way I was going to hold it there, even with protective gloves on.  The gloves work in the sense that if you pour pewter directly onto your hand you have enough time to put the ladle back in the pot and rip the glove off before it burns bad enough to blister.  And the degree of fine motor control is about as good as you'd get trying to thread a needle wearing mittens.

I like the findings.  I'll use them, for myself.  I'm not sure I trust a pewter headpin and the ring part of the toggle came out offcenter.  Not something I would sell, even if I could find someone willing to pay for them.

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