Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Creation is Messy Links

Creation is Messy has been kind enough to link to my blog, and I am flattered beyond belief.  They're still going through it and I've got a few more links to share. 

With this one, I was comparing blues from Effetre with CiM sapphire. I love this blue.  It's dark enough to appear as a proper blue and light and intense enough to show up as blue, even in poor lighting.

CiM Ghee links to a bead I felt was very ..... um.... different.  I had originally thought this was a mistake, but the mistake was mine.  The encased poi stringer contrasts well with the ghee. 

CiM poison apple loves silver glass and I used this in my Art Nouveau set.  It is the base of the bead on top in the photo at the right.
I used two CiM colors for this bracelet, and CiM was good enough to link to it on two of their pages.  It can be found on their page for cranberry pink as well as on their page for desert pink.  This bracelet is in my Etsy shop, and if you'd like a closer look please click here

I found that CiM sangre really does photograph better in the sun and this does highlight its transparency and talked about it in this post

I wanted to see what CiM butter pecan would do when combined with some of the many blacks, as well as other colors, and talked about it in this entry.

In my post for Effetre nile green opalino I tested it with a variety of colors, including some that CiM linked to.  They include a comparison between Effetre ivory pastel and butter pecan, one with tuxedo (which is an extrordinary ordinary black), and Gelly's sty.
I compared CiM glacier to Vetrofond pearl grey

Their page for CiM tuxedo refers to the neat effect I got with Effetre chocolatta

Hopefully tomorrow I'll have some beads with the new color diet ready to post.  I've been having trouble with the encasement cracking, and I'm not sure whether it's because I'm letting the core cool too much before applying the encasement, whether I'm leaving a void as I apply the encasement, whether there's a compatibility issue, or whether I'm too hasty and just not letting these anneal properly.  I hope it's not the latter.


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