Thursday, July 8, 2010

Creation is Messy

My blog was recently awarded the honor of being mentioned on the Creation is Messy Website!  So, being the conscientious, thoughtful soul that I am, how did I repay this?  By including the links they sent me in a blog or two and filing the rest in my "to-do" email folder.  I must amend this situation.  I will back-link all the posts and first I will put them all here.  It's the least I can do after their representative, Kathy Seamands, went through all my drivel and picked out her gems.  I only wish I had been more complimentary on some of them, because CiM really is a fantastic line of glass.

The one I was happiest with was for CiM plum .  Here's the post from my blog that was mentioned.

Here's one that I wish I was more aglow over.  It really is a fantastic color.  I just didn't think CiM pumpkin
looked like any pumpkin I ever carved.  This is my post on CiM pumpkin.

I compared CiM bordello to Effetre very cherry.  Here is the post for very cherry that was referenced.  I have to see what happened to the one I'm sure I did for bordello.  I know I made the beads.....

One of the beads I'm proudest of, from my Art Nouveau set, was made on CiM Slytherin. My blog links for Slytherin were for Scratch Oneand What Was I Thinking?

I compared CiM glacier to Vetrofond pearl grey

One of the reviews I liked the best was for CiM smurfy

Another of my Art Nouveau beads made with CiM poi also made the cut.  I love that set.  Must do something similar again, just for me.  I got 2 pictures up for poi, one from my the diet continues post and one from Finally

CiM Gelly's sty is very well behaved indeed as long as you follow the simple rule:  work it hot and when you're done, put it away.

I think I got them all.  It's a fabulous line and in my journey through the website I (naturally) found a few colors I don't own and many colors I have meant to do something with and forgotten about.  Lots of projects to do now!


  1. Wow that's awesome you got mentioned!! Congratulations!!!! I think I read most of your previous blog entries about CiM but will go back later today to make sure since I haven't used a few of them :)


  2. Thank you! I think it would be very tough to use every single color CiM has, but I'm working on it. There's never enough time....

  3. Congratulations! I love CiM and I love visiting your site!

  4. Thanks! They have quite a website. I especially like their testers notes and feedback. It's one thing to know that rubino oro and ivory don't like each other. It's another to see that bordello and ivory do.


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