Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Today's Feature

Many bloggers take a day each week to honor an artist they admire.  I haven't done this before and I think it's high time I do this once in a while.  Chris Maj is a very talented seed beader who did me the honor of sending me pictures of the necklace she made with one of my beads.  I love it!  The necklace is so much better than the beads that make it up.  This is the great thing about sharing!  What happens when someone else takes an idea and runs with it never ceases to amaze me.  Chris has an Etsy shop where she sells other wonderful pieces, and here's the URL

Just as a teaser, please click on these links to see some of my favorite pieces from her shop

I wish I could figure out a way to post the pictures of her stuff, but if you don't believe me, click the links above and see.  Way to go!


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