Saturday, May 14, 2011

Color Shifting Glass

 Why, oh why, did I order a whole bunch of color shifting glass at once.  Honestly, when I unwrapped the package, they all could have passed as at least one of the other colors.  To keep them straight, I made notes ahead of time, without taking the first rod out of the package, so I would know which was which.  According to these notes, CiM pink champagne is marked with a periwinkle bead, CiM sepia is marked with a dark red bead, CiM blush with a lapis one, and CiM Count von Count with a white one.

In what was left of the watery daylight when I took these, note the color.  Unless there is some sun soon, this is going to have to pass as the "truest" color. 
 These were taken under the supposedly full spectrum fluorescent lamp I usually photograph under.
 These were taken under the only cool fluorescent light in the house, in the sink.
These were taken under the "soft white" compact fluorescent lights in the dining room, where I work.  This is after white correcting.  Without the white correcting, this picture wasn't even close.  It was also taken holding the whole thing as close to the fixture as I could so I could get enough light to take the shot.  The stupid camera has an autofocus lens that simply doesn't work if the lighting is too low.  I have to be very careful about grabbing glass at random.

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