Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kids Project

We all have a lot of beads, some that we didn't like the look of, some that are a bit funky, or in this case some that were done to test what cool reactions I could do.  I've got mountains of them.  To string them all together in a beaded curtain was the original idea, but Joe came up with a better one.

I'm going camping this weekend with a bunch of my history nut friends and many of them have decided to reproduce fairly recently.  Wouldn't it be fun to let the older ones make their own necklaces/bracelets while Mom or Dad shopped?  Yes, it would.  For me and for them.  I've got a bunch of stretchy cord and it's bead away.  Hopefully I'll have a bunch of pictures of the little tyrants--I mean tykes--doing their thing.


  1. BTW, the adults liked my bead bowl more than the kids did. Go fig.

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