Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Wonderful World of Exploration

 I've been playing around with a few ideas I've had for a while, and my reach continues to exceed my grasp.  In trying to make long beads on my hothead, I am constantly running up against the challenge of keeping both ends warm on a relatively cool flame.  This one didn't turn out too bad, since at least I had a good tank of gas and was able to get some decent heat up.  The base is Effetre apple blush and the ends are Effetre dark matter.  I came up a bit short but that's a design feature because I will be making a hanger to allow this to hang from a belt.  For now I've got a spacer holding its place.
 Got some reduction on the DH Psyche there....
 This is the same bead right after annealing.  I got some color out of the Pandora, but I think I reduced it a little too much.
 I like this aspect...
 This is the same combination of colors on a focal.  I love the colors I got and The fuming from the silver is neat.
 I like the color of the Pandora on this...
 This was my first attempt to make a long bead on a half empty tank and was having real heat control issues.  I'd just get one end starting to melt in nicely, go to reheat the other and pop a chunk off.  Neat striking of the CiM Canyon de Chelly, which is under all that, but not enough development of everything else.
 I finally decided that this turd was not going to polish up any better and gave up.  It's a bead only a mother could love, and strangely, I do like it. 
Finally, my first skeleton key bead.  Must scrub the rest of the bead release out of the teeth, unless I want to hang onto the really aged look.

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