Monday, May 2, 2011

Tell Me Why...

...I don't like Mondays.  Bonus points for anyone who knows the artist from the 80's who recorded that song.  It's been going through my head all day.

Seriously, it's been that kind of day.  I'm sidelined with a head cold that has made me feel less than my best, and now this:
Can I have a little consistancy, please?  Should I just scrap this idea?  Or am I going to obsess until I can do it again?  Probably the last one.


  1. I confess to looking it up, so I have to decline the bonus points. I now know more about this song than most songs I know.

  2. Thank you! I vaguely recalled why the song was written better than when. Now maybe I can move on to another song. Joe's been singing "Yellow Submarine" all day to get my mind off it and I can use a break from both.


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