Monday, May 30, 2011

Post Weekend Warring

My camping trip and bead sale are done and I'm tired.  It was a busy, successful weekend and I didn't even think to take any pictures until pack-up time.  Thus the swarms of people in their colorful clothes, myriad of wares, and my booth are not pictured.  Next year I remember to take pictures just after setup.
 To get there we had to tote everything in the tired old truck.  Joe is a firm believer in tying stuff down securely.  Thus, this tote is secured by duct tape, a bungee cord, rope, and a cargo net.  I don't think it could get out of the truck if it had legs.

 It's a pretty drive.  I took this on the way back around Scranton, PA.  It does have its hazards, though,
 like this falling rock zone....
 or holiday traffic.  Note it's going the other way.  Yay!
The secondary purpose of out trip:  Scoring Joe some scrapple.  I'm not sure if there is a penalty for smuggling pork products across state lines.  Glad we weren't caught.  I wouldn't want to have to explain a cooler full of forbidden sausage.

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